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  Fall 2001 course organized by

Professor R. P. Futrelle, Northeastern Univ.

Taught by Ms. Jing Shan

COM 3113 Fundamentals of Programming

This course is designed for students in the joint Northeastern/BU Master's program in Bioninformatics.

  Summer 2001 courses

COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design

COM 1370 Computer Graphics

  Spring 2001 courses

COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design

COM 1317 Transaction Processing

  Winter 2001

COM 1101 Algorithms and Data Structures 1

(version of 3/6/2001)

  Final course wrap-up. Posted 2/24/2001. Notes on pointers and inheritance, the final course topics. Also note the information on the new last Lab #7 in the lab link below.
  What you should know before taking this course If you don't know the material in these chapters, you need to start studying them right away.
  Course Rules, Regulations and Advice
  Syllabus and Calendar -- Has assignments and due dates (updated 2/24)
  Creating a simple Visual C++ project (notes/screen-shots)
  Bruce Eckels has two popular books online "Thinking in C++". Here are local copies of Vol 1, 2nd edition and Vol 2, Revision 2. Vol. 2 is up to Revision 3. If anyone can find this version, please send me the URL.
  This gives you access to local copies of all the source files from the Savitch textbook
  Laboratory assignments (machine problems/projects) and links to each lab. FINAL LAB 7 WRITEUP AVAILABLE.
  How to write APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) These are useful types of documentation and required for the later lab assignments.
  Test and quiz information
  Student tutors -- Link to the Tutoring website


COM 3113 Fundamentals of Programming

Taught by Elaine Yang

(version of 1/21/2000)

  Link to Instructor's page (Elaine Yang)
  Course overview
  Course details (schedule, times, etc.)
  Programming resource links
  Bioinformatics resource links


  Course pages before Winter 2001 (starting Winter 1998)

Professor R. P. Futrelle, Northeastern Univ.

(Algorithms & Data Structs 2, OO Design, Graphics, AI, Human-Computer Interaction, etc.)


COM 1100 Fundamentals of Computer Science, Fall 2000

(version of 12/6/2000)

  Course Rules, Regulations and Advice
  Syllabus and Calendar -- has assignments and due dates
  Friedman/Koffman text resources
  Local, CCS, copies of Friedman/Koffman slides, labs and code....
  Laboratory assignments (machine problems) and links to each lab.
  Example code -- you must write code like this on Quiz #3.
  Preparation notes for Quiz #3 a 20-minute quiz to be given Tuesday, October 17th
  Midterm Exam: Was held on Thursday, November 2nd, for the entire hour.
Here are preparation notes for the exam.
  Here are the two versions of the midterm and answers and grades.
  Creating a simple Visual C++ project (notes/screen-shots)
  Assignments for each student to Lab A, B, or C
  Student tutors -- names, schedules, email addresses



COM 1201 Algorithms & Data Structures 2, Spring 2000

(version of 5/28/2000)

 Syllabus and Calendar (Version of 5/21/2000)
  Source Code from the textbook
  Homework #1 - Due Monday 4/10/00
  Lab #1. Wednesday 4/12. Due Tuesday 4/18
  Notes for Quiz #1, Monday 4/24.
  Answers for Quiz #1.
  Machine Problem #2. Wednesday 4/26. Due Tuesday 5/2.
  Homework #2. Due Monday May 22nd. Hardcopy of the assignment was given out at various class meetings as well as being available outside of my office, 115CN.
Still includes the source code samples.
Machine Problem #3. Was due Thursday May 25th (Progress Report) and due Thursday, June 1st, final version.
NEW (as of 5/28/00)--> What will be on Quiz #2.
NEW (as of 5/30/00)--> WHAT WILL BE ON THE FINAL EXAM.


COM 1201 Algorithms & Data Structures 2, Winter 2000

 Syllabus and Calendar  Last major revision done on February 12th. Further updates, February 22nd.
 Quizzes and exams
  Source Code from the textbook
  Homework #1 - Due Thursday 1/13/00
  Lab #1. Thursday 1/20/00. Due Tuesday 1/25/00
  Quiz #1. Thursday 1/27/00
 Lab #2. Thursday 2/10/00. Due Tuesday 2/15/2000,
 MIDTERM EXAM INFORMATION (was held Thursday 2/17/00)
 Homework #2 - Due Monday, 2/28/00  Posted February 22th.
   Quiz #2 - Thursday, 3/2/00  (FINAL POSTING)
  NOTES ON THE FINAL EXAM, updated Saturday 3/11/00  
  Final course grades and scores on Final Exam, 3/18/00  



COM 1317 Transaction Processing, Spring 1999

 Syllabus and Calendar (updated 4/26/99)
 Homework #1 due May 6th
 Comment on what you did on Homework #1 (May 9th)
 Portrait Gallery (added 5/1/99) Enjoy!


COM 3375 Human Computer Interaction, Spring 1999

  Syllabus and Calendar
  Visual Basic resources
  Assignment #2
  Assignment #3
  Assignment #4
   Assignment #5 ( updated 4/25/99)
  Assignment #7 (updated 5/5/99)
  Assignment #8 (Cancelled)
  Creating and including screenshots
  Comments on Midterm

COM 1201 Algorithms and Data Structures 2
Winter '99

 Syllabus and Calendar (updated 2/8/99)
 First five example sources
 Machine problems -intro
 Machine problem #1, due Friday 1/29
 Quiz #2 information (added 3/4/99)


Summer '98 courses

General information, common to both courses

Object-Oriented Design




 General course information   PA1: Phone System 1 (PS1)  General course information
 Syllabus   Design PS2 -- Addendum 1  Syllabus (revised 8/16/98)
 Review for Quiz #1   PA2:Coding the Switch  PA1: Graphics Sampler
 Midterm exam information  PS2 -- Source code and docs  PA2: Smoothy sources
 Midterm sample questions    Midterm readings and Answers
 Copy of Midterm exam    PA3 notes and sources
 Midterm answer notes    Preparing for the final exam
 Preparing for the Final    The Final Exam
 Final exam  Final exam with answers


Older courses (Spring '98 Transactions and AI 2)
 Transaction Processing Systems


 Knowledge-Based Systems


 General course information  General course information
 WOOD/Honors Project: Lisp OODB  
 End of course wrapup  
 Note 6   


Older courses (Winter '98 - Algorithms and Graphics)
 Algorithms & Data Structures II


 Computer Graphics


 General course information  General course information
 Syllabus - Short summary  Syllabus - Short summary
 Syllabus - Detailed  Syllabus - Detailed
 Source code from the textbook  Source code from the textbook
 Sample projects, code examples  Sample projects, code examples
 Exam information  Exam information
 Lisp (Macintosh Common Lisp)  Lisp (Macintosh Common Lisp)


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