COM 1101 Algorithms and Data Structures 1 - Winter 2001

Course Wrap-Up, Covering Pointers and Inheritance

for Professor Futrelle's section
College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Version of 2/24/2001)

These pages contain "pointers" to the textbook as well as a number of examples I've developed, mostly commented code, covering the two topics. You'll notice that little is said about destructors and copy constructors. This is for lack of time in this course and also because all the examples here involved simple dynamic objects. Any more complex uses would, at a minimum, require some understanding of destructors.

LAB #7: Lab 7 is based strongly on this writeup. Most of the things you need to do in Lab 7 are variations on the examples on this page.

Topics on pointers and corresponding pages in your textbook to study.

Topics on inheritance and corresponding pages in your textbook to study. The major reading for this is essentially all of Chapter 15, with emphasis on the topics discussed below.


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