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COM1204 -- Object-Oriented Design -- Summer 2001

College of Computer Science, Northeastern University

Professor Robert P. Futrelle

(Updated Thursday 8/23/2001)

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This course follows the College's first year courses that covered the basics of programming as well as an introduction to data structures and algorithms. With this behind you, you can begin to focus on the problems of designing and implementing programs in a more orderly way, working up to the construction of large programs. We have an excellent textbook. Our approach will be "Implement, then deepen." By this I mean that early in the course you'll learn how to write programs using most of the components and programming strategies we'll use throughout the course. We will be using Java on Unix systems for this. Then, with the help of the textbook, we'll dig into the important ideas behind the code and gain a deeper and broader understanding of the ideas. Then you'll really know what you're doing and be ready for other problems, other languages and many other Computer Science topics that you'll be learning about in the future, both in classes and in your work. Use the informational and resource links at the left to get to other important information, especially the course requirements.

News and Notes

Items will be added below from time-to-time with the latest news from the course (most recent first). They may describe new material added to this web site, new assignments, shifts in the course schedule, etc. So check here often.

FINAL EXAM -- Posted 8/23/01: Review material that was hardcopy is posted, as well as copies of Quizzes 1 and 2 and Midterm. The Final will be given Wednesday, August 29th at 1pm in 101 CH (Churchill) Access the material here.

There was no class on Wednesday, August 15th. Professor Futrelle was out of town on that day.

August 10th. Assignment #6: Basically, finish and test your implementation. Due by the end of Thursday, August 23rd.

August 4th. Assignment #5: All details are now posted for the second Network assignment, Assignment #5. Due by the end of Friday, August 10th.

Midterm Exam will be Wednesday, July 25th. See the notes here.

July 21st. Assignment #4: All details are now posted for the first Network assignment, Assignment #4.

Tuesday, July 10th -- Note added on the Assignments page explaining Assignment #3 further.

Friday, July 6th -- The topics for Quiz #2 on Thursday the 12th are listed on the tests page.

Sunday, July 1st -- The entire on-line book, Bruce Eckel's Thinking in Java, 2nd edition, has been downloaded and posted on my CCS website. See the Java resources page.