COM1204 Object-Oriented Design

Summer 2001 Course Calendar

Professor Futrelle -- College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Updated Monday 6/18/2001)

Overview: Our implementations will generally be "ahead" of the chapters listed below in the calendar. In class I will describe what you need to look for in the chapters we haven't gotten to. But the importance of the chapter listings below is that those will be the times when the material is discussed in the most depth, even if we have used various ideas from the chapters in earlier implementation work. Chapters in parentheses will be covered briefly.

Week 1

Week starting Wednesday, June 20th: Introduction to the course. Java Basics I, including expressions and statements, data types, arrays, simple output, control structures and "Hello World" examples. Chapter 2.

Week 2

Week starting Monday, June 25th: Introduction to the course. Java Basics II, including classes, static and dynamic instance variables and procedures, constructors and inheritance. How to test programs. Chapter 3.

Week 3

Week starting Monday, July 2nd: Java Basics III: Vectors, casting, wrappers, abstract classes versus interfaces. Simple iterators. toString() Argument lists and interactive I/O. File I/O. Exceptions. Equality and equals(). Chapters (4) and 5. No class July 4th. Enjoy the fireworks!

Week 4

Week starting Monday, July 9th: Chapters 6 and 7.

Week 5

Week starting Monday, July 16th: Chapter 7 continued.

Week 6

Week starting Monday, July 23rd: Chapters (9) and 10.

Week 7

Week starting Monday, July 30th: Chapters 11 and 12.

Week 8

Week starting Monday, August 6th: Chapter 13.

Week 9

Week starting Monday, August 13th: Chapters 14 and 15.

Week 10

Week starting Monday, August 20th: Course wrap-up and review for the Final.


Final Exam Week: Monday August 27th through Thursday August 30th

A Calendar for 2001.

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