COM1201 Winter 2000. Machine Problem 1

Lab of Thursday, January 20th


Files: (these will be made available at the time of the first lab session)

Getting Started

First, download all the files listed above in the Files section by simply clicking each link, and save them onto your Windows Desktop. The programs can be run by double clicking on the icons.

The Assignment

The assignment is to determine the time complexity (in  O notation, e.g., O(N) ) of each of the six programs by running them with different values of input (N) and noting the time taken for the completion of the program. A table with the values of N and the corresponding time taken should be constructed for each of the programs and an estimate of the complexity of each of the program should be made from the tables. Sufficient number of runs should be made so that the true time complexity of the programs is discovered.

What to turn in