COM 1100 Foundations of Computer Science

Preparation Notes for the Midterm Exam -- Thursday, Nov. 2nd

Fall 2000 -- Professor Futrelle
College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA


Version 2. Posted 10/29/2000.

The Midterm will last the entire class period and based on all the material in the textbook, Friedman and Koffman, through Section 5.5. The topics assigned up until now in How Computers Work will also be material you should know. The midterm will contain a number of questions of varying length and difficulty.

The basic requirement is to know all the material through Sec. 5.5.

(This new section posted Sunday the 29th of October 2000) The examples below expand a bit on the list of topics I gave you to give you a better idea of how the questions on the Midterm will be worded.

End of 10/29/00 posted section.

The list below gives some examples of what you should know for some of the more important topics. WARNING: THE LIST BELOW IS NOT COMPLETE, IT CONTAINS ONLY HIGHLIGHTS -- the book is the final determiner of what you should know. You will be asked to write only small amounts of code on the exam. But in a number of questions you will be given code and asked to explain exactly what it does. In some cases the code will be wrong and you'll be asked what is wrong with it and what should be done to fix it.

When studying the book, look at the various summary tables and lists as well as the sample code and problems at the ends of the chapters.

That should give you something to chew on! But I must say, that looking at the list above, which I'm sure all of you can master, we've come a long way in just a matter of weeks. This is a tribute to your energy and hard work.