COM 1201 Algorithms and Data Structures 2

Notes on Quiz #1 -- Given Thursday, January 27th

Winter 2000 -- Professor Futrelle
College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Version 2/2/00 -- includes grade distribution)

The quiz will last the entire class period. Closed book, no calculators allowed. I plan to return the return the graded quiz to you on Monday, January 31st and go over the answers at that time.

Here is a copy of the quiz.

Important: I will spend all of Tuesday's class, the 25th, reviewing for the quiz. Be there!

Here is a brief description of the some of the topics that may be included:


February 2. Here is the grade distribution for the quiz given Thursday 27 and January and returned and discussed Monday 31 January:
113 112 108 105 104 102 101 100
93 92 92 91 91
89 89 86 86 85 85 84 83 83 83 82 81 
79 77 75 72
68 63 61 60

Note that I only gave myself a "90" on my writing of the test. So I gave everyone an extra 10 points to make up for the imperfections in the exam. The grade written on the your exam includes the 10 point bonus.

I am very sorry that eleven people did not come to class on Monday to hear the answers and the ideas discussed at length. I'm particularly concerned about the students who did not do very well on the quiz and could have profited from the discussion but did not show up in class.

Please do everything you can to make it to class. The textbook is long and potentially complex. But if you come to class you'll see that I'm doing my best to make the material understandable and also to focus on particular concepts and strategies rather than trying to cover large amounts of material.

-- Prof. Futrelle

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