COM3375 Human Computer Interaction,

Spring 1999 Syllabus and Calendar, Prof. Futrelle

Version of 5/5/99.

You can also look at the Northeastern University Academic Calendar

All assignments will be numbered by the number of the class meeting at which they are due. All assignments are due at the beginning of class. All reading assignments are in the Shneiderman textbook, unless noted. All assignments are described on the day that they are due. The total credit for the course is 1000 points (=100%). The point credit for each problem or test is marked in bold, e.g., (20). Some credit will be deducted for any assignment handed in late. All classes below are on Tuesday evenings, 6-9pm.
NU dates
30, Tuesday, first COM3375 class, 6-9PM, 7SL (basement of Snell Library)
19, Monday PATRIOTS DAY. Normal class schedule.
30, Friday Last day to drop a SPRING 1998 (grad) course without a W grade.
31 Monday MEMORIAL DAY. University closed.
28 Friday Last day to drop a SPRING 1998 (grad) course with a W grade.

7 - 12 Monday - Saturday SPRING 1998 Final Exam Week
Class #1, March 30
First class, nothing due.
But be sure to fill out the required on-line form by 5pm Monday, April 5th (20). I will tell you the URL in class. If you miss the first class, email me to get the URL.
Class #2, April 6
Class #3, April 13
Class #4, April 20
Quiz #1 (50) -- covering all the material through Class #3, April 13th.
Class #5, April 27
Class #6, May 4
Class #7, May 11
Class #8, May 18
Class #9, May 25
Class #10, June 1
Week of June 7 - 12
FINAL EXAM WEEK. Final exam (300).
Have a nice summer!
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