Some resource links for Visual Basic (some courtesty of Bertram Ibrahim, U. of Geneva)

The relative popularity with the Spring 99 class is indicated by the number of bullets. Most of the students in this course have had little experience with VB, so the ratings are biased towards sites with good introductory material.

Most popular:

-------- The Visual Basic Web Directory holds thousands of VB programming resources for free.
----- Carl & Gary's Visual Basic page
--- Gary Beene's Visual Basic World
--- Simon Wilkinson's VB5 site at Napier University


- The Code Archive holds the source code of many Visual Basic programs that can be copied for free.
- VB Code Bank
- ATTAP - Visual Basic Programmer's Site
- Visual Basic - Wikipedia
- VB Online is a reseller of Visual Basic add-on software and books. They have an on-line catalog as well as an on-line magazine
- Active Server BBS is a Web-based bulletin-board system to discuss various VB topics. Note: Its use requires Internet Explorer or Netscape with the cookie mechanism enabled.