COM3375, Human Computer Interaction -- Spring 1999, Professor Futrelle

Details of Assignment #3, due at the beginning of class #3, April 13, 1999.


Visual Basic program, assignment #3:

A. Design and write a VB5 program that allows a user to enter text in a dialog box and have two other dialog boxes and a menu that allow the user to find out information (stored in your program) about some real or imaginary system. One item of the information that should be recallable is the text item or items entered earlier.

B. Document your program. (Write for another student) Explain which principles from the book you have used in its design.

Hand in your floppy with hardcopy of the source and hardcopy of the documentation.

It is strongly preferred that your documentation include portions of screen shots of your system in action. We will discuss ways of getting such screen shots and I will demonstrate the techniques in class.