COM3375, Human Computer Interaction -- Spring 1999, Professor Futrelle

Details of Assignment #7, due at the beginning of class #7, May 11, 1999.

The Syllabus states that this assignment is: Project prototype code and discussion.

A. You are to develop some working VB code for part of your course project. Let's assume that your system has two or three different forms that it presents to the user. One way to approach the work would be to begin by designing and creating the code for the most "interesting" form in your project, which might or might not be the first form the user would see. It is important that you give some overall description of what the code is to do and how it does it -- both the data structures and procedures. In addition, your code should be well commented. The audience for your comments should be me, rather than another student. A good guideline is one line of comments for every one or two lines of code. Line-by-line comments are usually not a good idea. Instead, give some multiline comments for various sections of your code. Learn how to name your form elements in meaningful ways rather than using the defaults, which are not too informative. Also, you may have code not associated with any form.

B. As you get into the details of your code, you'll probably have second thoughts about what you wrote earlier, so your discussion of the system and its implementation will probably change from what you wrote before you started the actual programming. You should have between two and four double-spaced pages of discussion explaining what your system does and how your forms and programs are designed to accomplish its goals. This writing should be directed towards a (hypothetical) student in this COM3375 class.