Computer Graphics, Summer 1998 -- Professor Futrelle

Readings for the COM1370 Midterm Exam


The exam on Thursday, August 20 will be based on the material below. In addition, one or two questions will be essentially identical to the questions on the second quiz, which dealt with the mathematical basis for computer graphics (vectors, matrices, splines, etc.). The starting pages listed below normally refer to the start of the topic on that page and the last page number doesn't include new material starting but not finishing on that page (it only sounds confusing).

Six sample questions from earlier midterms and finals are available in this PDF document. Only questions on material that are to be covered in this midterm are included.

Chap. 3 -- Output Primitives
Bresenham line drawing, pgs. 84-92. In addition, note the similarities and differences
between the algorithm in the box on pg. 90 and the one for the circle on pg. 100.
Scan-line polygon filling, pgs. 117-124.
Boundary and flood fill algorithms, pgs. 127-130.
Chap. 6 -- Two-Dimensional Viewing
Clipping lines, pgs. 224-230.
Clipping polygons, pgs. 237-243.
Chap. 14 -- Illumination Models and Surface Rendering
Illumination basics, pgs. 495-504, 508-511.
Polygon rendering, pgs. 522-526.
Ray tracing, pgs. 527-543 (not covered in depth).
Chaps. 4 and 15 -- Color
Color lookup tables, pgs. 154-157.
General aspects of color, pgs. 565-568.
RGB colors (additive, used in emissive displays, e.g., CRTs), pgs. 572-573.
CMY colors (subtractive, used in printing), pgs. 574-575.