COM1201 Spring 2000 -- Machine Problem #3 -- General information and links

Posted Thursday, May 18th by Professor Futrelle; updated 5/28/00.

Labs for Machine Problem #3 will be held on Wednesdays, May 24th and 31st, at the assigned times. A progress report is due on the Thursday, May 25th and the full machine problem is due on Thursday June 1st -- the last day of class.

This is a team project. You should work in groups of two, or possibly three students. When you hand in the progress report and the final results, you must include a statement signed by the two or three students involved as to what the division of labor was -- who did what and how much of each part of the work was done by each team member. The problem can be done on any platform you choose, Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc., but the final project must be handed in on floppies that you have checked so that you know it runs on the College Windows NT systems, as a simple console application (see the instructions for such applications in connection with Lab #2.)

Directions for doing Machine Problem #3 which is about Hashing Now has source code for some definitions and sample main()s.
NEW --> Notes on your Progress Reports for MP#3
Full source code for the API as a header file
Country names and their country codes data (telephone) that you might want to use