COM 1101 Algorithms and Data Structures 1 - Winter 2001 - Introduction

for Professor Futrelle's section
College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Version of 1/8/2001)

Course description, from the catalogue:

COM 1101 Algorithms and Data Structures 1 -- 4 QH

Introduces algorithms, data structures, abstraction, and encapsulation. Examines arrays, structs, classes, and templates. Discusses the creation of a data structure in layers using composition of simpler components. Uses the concept of class and template to encapsulate the functions and operations on a data structure. Studies specific classes for arrays, stacks, queues, complex arithmetic, polynomials, function objects. Introduces dynamic memory allocation for arrays and simple linked lists. Examines sorting and searching techniques and introduces recursion.

Note: This section, taught by Professor Futrelle, is distinct in its design, assignments and tests, from the two other sections of COM1101 being taught in parallel.

Northeastern University, and the College of Computer Science, Boston, MA.
Professor Robert P. Futrelle   Email me at:
You can also use a web form to contact me without needing email access at all.
115 Cullinane
Hardcopy mailbox:
161 Cullinane
Office 373-4239
Teaching Assistant:
Jing Shan
Office : 11CN
Phone : 373-8091
Email :
Course Syllabus and Calendars:
See the separate page for the detailed Course Syllabus and Calendar for Com1101 Winter 2001.
Course Rules, Regulations and Advice:
You must read this important document Course Rules, Regulations and Advice for Com1101 Winter 2001.
Platform and development system:
This course will use Microsoft Windows on PCs and develop C++ programs using the Microsoft Visual C++ IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
Problem Solving with C++: The Object of Programming (3rd edition, 2001) by Walter Savitch
See inforamtion about the book on the web.
There are local copies of the source code from the book.
Personal Help:
If you need help at any time, find me in my office, call, or send email, or ask in class to set up an appointment. My office hours and normal advising hours are Wednesdays, 11am-1pm.
College of Computer Science Tutoring:
A tutoring program has been set up in the College. The feedback we have received from last Fall is that the tutors have been quite helpful, especially in the labs. Tutors list now posted.
On-line help:
For more info on most anything, including overviews or details of C++, search the web using Many people consider it the number 1 search engine.
Machine Problems:
Details are here.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9:15-10:20am in room 305 Shillman.
Tuesdays: Lab A: 1:35-2:40, Lab B: 2:50-3:55, Lab C: 4:05-5:10 in room 229CN. You will be assigned to one of these sections for this quarter.
Logging into lab machines: Login name is the machine name and password is guest.
Quizzes and Exams:
There will be a number of short quizzes, as well as a midterm and a final. Most are closed-book, no calculators.
The grading policy will be worked out on the basis of the final number of quizzes, their level of difficulty, etc. I pay special attention to the quizzes and exams and to the rankings of all students on the various assignments and tests.
Attendance will be monitored in a variety of ways. When in doubt, come to class! We move through the material rather quickly, and without the explanations in class, and a chance to ask questions, you might become lost.
If you already have programming experience:
For the most talented and/or ambitious students, I will off the chance for you to do some work in the Java language. Email me for further information.

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