COM3113 -- Fundamentals of Programming

College of Computer Science -- Northeastern University

Winter Quarter 2001

(Version of 1/7/2001)

Course Details --

Northeastern University, and the College of Computer Science, Boston, MA.
Elaine Yang   Email me at:
Course Coordinator:
Professor Robert P. Futrelle
Office : 161CN
Phone : 373-4239
Email :
Course Overview:
See the course homepage which includes additional links.
Platform and development system:
This course will use the Unix systems in the College of Computer Science at Northeastern for Java program development. The
On to Java 1.2 by Patrick Henry Winston and Sundar Narasimhan
Software for this book is available on the web.
On-line help
For more info on most anything, including overviews or details of Java, Unix, Bioinformatics, etc., search the web using Many people consider it the number 1 search engine.
NU key number: 45928.
[In preparation].
Wednesday evenings, 6-9pm
17 SL (Snell Library -- basement). This is accessed from the outside stairway at Snell Library, not by entering the library proper. See NU maps. The Unix lab is 201CN (Cullinane Hall): See the Yahoo map for Cullinane Hall.
College's Unix machines in 201 Cullinane Hall, also available by dial-in and over the Internet.

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