Exams, COM1201 W98, Prof. Futrelle

--> All exams and quizzes are closed-book.
Quiz on Thursday, 15 January:
The quiz will start at the beginning of class and last for 45 minutes, until 4:15 exactly. It will cover the material in Chapters 2 and 3 of the textbook. Two types of questions will be asked: The first type will involve understanding the data structures and manipulations by hand, e.g., by drawing pictures of structures and changes to structures. The second type will involve C++ code. You will asked to discuss code taken from the book or similar code. You will not be asked to write any code, and any code you're given will be functional -- you will not be presented with code for which you have to find and/or fix bugs.
Midterm Exam (20%), Tuesday, 17 February -- sections/pages covered:
See Syllabus for details....
Final Exam (35%), week of March 16th - sections/pages covered:
(under construction)

Other quizzes: To be announced.

Sample exams: (in preparation)


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