COM 1201 Algorithms and Data Structures 2

Notes for Quiz #1 -- To be given Monday, April 24th

Spring 2000 -- Professor Futrelle
College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Version of 4/22/00)

The quiz will last the entire class period. Closed book, no calculators allowed. I plan to return the return the graded quiz to you on Thursday the 27th and go over the answers at that time.

Here is a copy of last quarter's quiz. The first four questions are similar to what will appear on the Spring quiz. Ignore the fifth question.

I spent all of Thursday's class, the 20th, reviewing for the quiz. Feel free to email me with questions before the quiz,

Here is a brief description of the some of the topics that may be included. Not all will, of course:


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