This records what I presented in class and sent in email, 3/3/99. It states what topics will be covered on Quiz #2, to be give the first half of the class, Friday, March 5, 1999.


Chap. 20: Know how to construct a pattern matching machine from a regular expression that I give you. There are only three rules. Once the machine is constructed, be able to explain how it works (sequence of states) in matching a pattern (string) that I give you.

Chap. 22: Know how to build a Huffman tree, given a sample text to compress. Know also how to use the tree to compress and decompress messages.

Chap. 23: Know how to read a Caesar cipher, given enough hints as to what it is.

Chap. 29: Graphs: Understand the terminology and the concepts behind them in the Glossary section, pgs. 416-418. Be able to identify phenomena such as cycles and disconnected components and operations such as adding or deleting edges from graphs to change their character. Be able to do this for all the concepts in the Glossary.