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COM3113 -- Fundamentals of Programming

College of Computer Science, Northeastern University

Fall, 2001

(Version of 11/26/01)


Studies of the Biotechnology industry have shown that employers are increasingly interested in employing people with good backgrounds in both biology and computing. This course has been designed with such people in mind, but it should prove useful to people with a variety of backgrounds.

News and Notes

Items will be added below from time-to-time with the latest news from the course (most recent first). They may describe new material added to this web site, new assignments, shifts in the course schedule, etc. So check here often.

Dec. 3rd

The lab test for today's lab session is here.
No late assignment is accepted after next Monday.

November 26th:

Assignment 7 is available now.

November 25th:

Happy thanksgiving!
The midterm is now available here

November 4th:

Assignment 6 part 1 is due by the end of Nov. 6th.
Part 2 & part 3 are due by the end of Nov. 13th.

October 29th:

  • Assignment 6 is post.
  • Reminder: The assignment 5 is due by the end of today.
  • Annoucement: The midterm will be held in the next week, Nov. 5th. It takes one hour and a half and it's a closed-book paper&pencil exam.

October 22nd:
The assignment 4 is post here, which is the same as I said in class last week.

October 9th:
Lab Session 2

October 1st:
Assignment 3 can be found here.

September 23rd:

  • Assignment 2 is posted.
  • We will have a Lab Session in the 2nd half of next class.
  • August 21st:
    Some course notes are added.