COM 1100 Foundations of Computer Science

Preparation Notes for QUIZ #3 -- Tuesday, Oct. 17th

Fall 2000 -- Professor Futrelle
College of Computer Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA


Notes posted 10/15/2000.

The quiz will be 20 minutes long and based primarily on Chapter 3 (it does also assume that you have mastered the material from Chapter 2). The quiz will involve writing a program that will be described to you in English in your instructions. You will write the program out by hand on paper and hand it in. The most important points in writing your program are, in order of importance:

NOTE: There are about four or five important pieces of information from Chapter 3 that I have deliberately omitted below, some or all of which will be on the Quiz. If you read the chapter carefully, you will discover what they are. This is to avoid having you think that the material below is all you have to study. So consider the material below to be a useful checklist, but not a complete one. You might want to print it out and then add items to it as you study. It is always important to read and re-read your textbook. It is also important to write out examples as you read, so you'll be ready to write on your quizzes and exams and develop programs more easily. In general, in all your C++ work in this course, try to follow the book's recommendations, e.g., that identifiers for constants are all caps.