Undergraduate Tutoring

Discrete Structures, Fundamentals I and Fundamentals II

The tutors are nominated by instructors, and receive tutoring training. Tutor schedules can be seen on the individual class websites. Tutoring operates on a first come, first served basis:

Discrete Structures (CS 1800): link to current website here

Fundamentals I (CS 2500): link to current website here 

Fundamentals I Honors (CS 2500): link to current website here

Fundamentals II (CS 2510): link to current website here

Upper Class Tutoring

Tutors are generally juniors and seniors nominated by advisors. Tutors receive tutoring training. Tutors operate on a first come, first served basis located in 462. Upper Class tutors emphasize support for courses beyond Discrete Structures, Fundamentals I and Fundamentals II. Please bring your laptop. 

CCIS Tutor Schedule for 9.13.15-12.9.15 | 462 WVH

  • Sundays 6-8pm James McNamara
  • Mondays 6-9pm Kaila Corrington
  • Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm Duncan Beard
  • Tuesdays 7-10pm Vishant Prabhakaran
  • Wednesdays 6-9pm Liam Fratturo
  • Thursdays 7-10pm James McNamara
  • Fridays 3:30-5:30pm Duncan Beard


James McNamara

James McNamara is a senior studying Computer Science and Math. He’s dabbled in a variety of software fields, from mobile, web, and Oculus Rift apps at his last co-op (Yeti, a San Francisco app development start-up), to quantitative modeling and research at Credit Suisse in Chicago and Smartleaf here in Cambridge, all the way to business information and operations software at the US Embassy in South Africa and Boston based hedge fund, GMO. James can be a resource for general programming questions, particularly Python and C, Computer Systems, Programming Languages, Object-Oriented Design and many more. Just come in and ask!

Kaila Corrington

Kaila is a junior pursuing a degree in Computer Science with minors in Math and potentially Linguistics. Under her belt are two co-ops: one involving Natural Language Processing at Basis Technology in Cambridge, MA, and most recently a full-stack web development co-op at Dell in Santa Clara, CA. She is more than happy to act as a resource for Logic and Computation, Object-Oriented Design, and Algorithms, and she can also provide assistance with math courses and general programming knowledge for Java and Python. This fall, she is taking Computer Graphics and Programming Languages and can answer questions regarding the current material. Additionally, Kaila spent the Fall 2014 semester studying at the University of Edinburgh and would love to share her experiences with those interested in going abroad. Feel free to drop by!

Duncan Beard

Duncan is a fourth-year Computer Science major with two co-op experiences at financial sector companies, where he used C# for web design and QA/development. Duncan is most comfortable tutoring for Object-Oriented Design, and can also assist in Computer Systems, and Networks and Distributed Systems. Duncan can be a resource for Macro/Microeconomics as well, but to a lesser extent than a dedicated economics tutor.

Vishant Prabhakaran

Vishant is a senior studying Computer Science and Mathematics, with an interest in theoretical computer science. His first co-op was as an Application Developer for Goldman Sachs in Boston, primarily focused on creating Java modules. This past spring, he worked as a Data Scientist at AstraZeneca in Waltham, using machine learning techniques to analyze medical histories and clinical trial data. He can help with Algorithms, Theory of Computation, and Object-Oriented Design, as well as any general programming or math questions. In his free time, Vishant enjoys music, video games, and table tennis.

Liam Fratturo

Liam is a senior pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Game Design, fresh off a co-op with Cult Quiet as a full-time programmer. He spends his spare time reading, making and playing video games, and watching anime. He can help with Computer Systems, Object-Oriented Design, Theory of Computation, and Programming Languages, knows Java and C#, and is also a general resource for math (up to Calculus III) or graphics questions.

Peer Tutoring Program

Northeastern’s Peer Tutoring Program offers a wide range of tutoring services for many introductory level courses and some upper-level courses in the NU Core.

Office: 1 Meserve Hall (moved from 101 Lake Hall)

Phone: 617-373-8931

One-on-one Peer Tutoring appointments can be scheduled via myNEU under TUTORING

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers in-person consulting for any level writer. They also offer online consulting and classroom visits.

Office: 412 Holmes Hall

Mondays 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tuesdays 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Schedule appointments online at www.northeastern.edu/english/writing-center