Exams, COM1370 W98, Prof. Futrelle

--> All exams and quizzes are closed-book.
Quiz on Thursday, 15 January:
Study Chapters 1 and 2 of your text. You are responsible for all the concepts and terminology discussed in these chapters. This may seem like "soft" material, but if you can claim to know graphics, you must understand this material. (There will be a few details you can skip -- I'll mention these in class.)
Midterm Exam (15%), Thursday, 19 February -- sections/pages covered:
Chapter 1.
Chapter 2.
Chapter 3: pgs 84-92, 97-102, 117-130
Chapter 4: pgs 154-157, 171-180
Chapter 4: pgs 144-154 browse only
Appendices: A-1, A-2, A-4
Chapter 5: pgs. 184-195
Final Exam (25%), week of March 16th - sections/pages covered:
Everything that was on the Midterm, plus:
Chapter 9. Three-D Concepts
Chapter 10: pgs. 305-309
Chapter 11. Three-D transforms: pgs. 408-414
Chapter 13. Visible Surfaces: Introduction and Secs. 13-1, 13-2, and 13-6
Chapter 14. Illumination: Introduction, Sec. 14-1, pgs. 497-500, Sec. 14-5, pgs. 522-524
Chapter 15. Color: pg. 572 only, on the RGB model
In addition, I will lecture briefly on clipping and curves, but these will not be on the Final.

Other quizzes: To be announced.

Sample exams: (in preparation)


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