Date Topic/Notes Reading Assignment out/due
1/8 Introduction
1/11 Vectors, Matrices, Rotations, Homogeneous Transforms Corke Ch 2, Ch 7.1--7.2
1/15 Homogeneous Transforms Corke 7.3--7.4, Ch 8.1--8.2
1/18 Differential Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics
1/22 Cartesian Control (Translation), Corke 8.3
1/25 Cartesian Control (Statics) Kinematic Redundancy Corke 2.2
1/29 Kinematic Redundancy Representation of orientation Cartesian Control (Orientation),
2/1 Representation of orientation, Cartesian Control (Orientation), Corke 5.1, 5.2
2/5 Bugs and Wavefront algorithm Configuration Space Corke 5.1, 5.2, Karaman IJRR 2011 (2.1, 3, optional: 2.2) HW 1 DUE: PDF Code
2/8 Configuration Space Classical path planning Sample based path planning
2/12 SNOW DAY!
2/15 Sample based path planning
2/19 Sample based path planning
2/22 Sample based path planning
2/26 Sample based path planning, State space representations
3/1 State space representations, Linear Optimal Control HW 2 DUE: PDF Code
3/12 Linear Optimal Control, Linearization in LQR Project out!: PDF Code
3/14 HW 3 DUE: PDF Code
3/15 Linearization in LQR, Linear MPC, Non-Linear MPC,
3/19 Class Cancelled (Rob at conference)
3/22 Non-Linear MPC, Point Cloud Perception,
3/26 Non-Linear MPC, Point Cloud Perception,
3/29 Point Cloud Perception, HW 4 OUT: PDF Code
4/2 Point Cloud Perception, Neural Networks for Perception
4/5 Neural Networks for Perception HW 4 DUE: PDF Code
4/9 Neural Networks for Perception HW 5 OUT: PDF Code
4/12 Neural Networks for Perception, Robotic Localization, HMMs, Particle Filtering, Kalman Filtering
4/16 Discussion of the following papers from the Helping Hands lab: Deictic Image Maps: An Abstraction For Learning Pose Invariant Manipulation Policies, Online Abstraction with MDP Homomorphisms for Deep Learning, AutOTranS: an Autonomous Open World Transportation System, Learning Multi-Level Hierarchies with Hindsight, A Scooter-Mounted Robot Arm to Assist with Activities of Daily Life, Learning 6-DoF Grasping and Pick-Place Using Attention Focus, Grasp Pose Detection in Point Clouds .
4/18 HW 5 DUE: PDF Code
4/19 Wrap up! Don't forget to complete your TRACE evaluations! Project due!: PDF Code

Slides for additional material not formally covered in this course

Markov decision processes
Reinforcement Learning

Readings: unless noted otherwise, all readings and assignments are due on the day that they appear in the schedule.

Corke --> Robotics, Vision, and Control: Fundamental Algorithms in Matlab, by Peter Corke