CS 6710: Wireless Networks

Spring 2010  

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Topic Handouts
Lecture Notes
Jan 11
Administrivia;Transmission Fundamentals: Analog & digital transmission channel capacity

Introduction Fundamentals
1, 2.1-2.4
Jan 18
Transmission Fundamentals: Antennas and propagation modes, fading and signal encoding techniques Problem Set 1

Antennas & Propagation Signal Encoding
Signal Encoding
5, 6
Jan 25 Spread spectrum: Frequency hopping, Direct sequence, and CDMA
PS1 due
Problem Set 2
SpreadSpectrum SpreadSpectrum 7
Feb 1
Coding and error control: Error detection, error correction codes, convolution codes, and ARQ Coding
Feb 8
Medium access control and Wireless LANs: IEEE 802.11 PS2 due
Simulation Assignment 1
Wireless LANs
Feb 15 Wireless LANs: Bluetooth; Mobile IP PS1 Solutions Bluetooth/Mobile IP 15, 12
Feb 22
Cellular wireless networks; TCP for wireless
SA1 due
Problem Set 3 Term Project Info
Cellular Networks
Mar 1
Spring break
Mar 8
Wireless network standards: IEEE 802.16/WiMAX
Simulation Assignment 2
PS3 due
PS2 Solutions PS3 Solutions Sample Midterm
TCP for Wireless

Mar 15
Multihop ad hoc networks: Introduction, proactive & reactive routing
Ad Hoc Networks

Mar 22
Multihop ad hoc networks: Link reversal & geometric routing protocols
Multihop ad hoc networks: Topology and power control
SA2 due

Mar 29
No classes, away at a workshop

Apr 5
Sensor Networks: MAC, Routing, Synchronization and Applications
Sensor Networks

Apr 12
Multihop Ad-Hoc Networks: Fundamental limits on capacity

Apr 23, 26
Term Project Presentations Final report due


Mobile Communications, J. Schiller

Wireless Communications, Andrea Goldsmith, Cambridge University Press 2005

Ad-hoc Networking, edited by Charles Perkins, Addison Wesley 2001

Two tutorials that I have given on ad-hoc wireless networks
A bibliography of work in ad hoc networks research

Delay Tolerant Networking