CS 6710: Wireless Networks

Spring 2010
Programming Assignment 1: Wireless Network Simulations Warm-up

Due: Tuesday February 23, 5PM

In this assignment, you will get introduced to Qualnet, a network simulator with significant support for wireless networks that is widely used both commercially and within the academic research community.  

  1. Setup and reading: Download and install Qualnet following the instructions sent by email.  

  2. A two-node wireless network scenario: Set up the following scenario.

    Node number:            2
    Terrain:                    1000*1000
    Traffic pattern:        CBR
    Packet Length:          512B
    Data Rate:                1Mbps
    Simulation time:      10s
    Static Routing

    Also set the following values for these physical layer parameters:
    Propagation Limit: -111.0dBm
    Antenna Eficiency: 1.0
    Antenna Mismatch Loss: 0.0dB
    Antenna Connection Loss: 0.0dB
    Antenna Model: Omnidirectional

  3. Transmission range: Find out the corresponding transmission ranges of 8 settings obtained by varying the following 3 dimentions:

    Tx Power:               1dBm, 10dBm,
    Tx Receive Threshold:   -81.0dBm, -91dBm

    Compare the results for the 8 different settings, and compare the results of the free space setting with the equations for the free space model studied in class.
  4. Performance analysis of different signal coding schemes: Set the following parameters.

    Transmission Power: 1dBm
    Receiver Sensitivity -100.9
    Reception Threshold   -100.9

    Using BER as the receiving criteria, compare the packet loss ratios under three different coding schemes: BPSK, DPSK, DQPSK. 
    Plot the packet loss rate as a function of traffic distance, varying the distance in step of 20 meters from 250m to 350m.

    Change the packet length to 32B, repeating the above simulations.

What you need to submit

Please submit the following data to our grader Bhanu Kaushik by 5 PM, Tuesday, February 23.