Journal Publications (reverse chronological)

The copyrights for most of these publications belong to their respective publishers. All papers may be downloaded for personal or research purposes only.

[1] Alexander Kaiser, Daniel Kroening, and Thomas Wahl. Lost in abstraction: Monotonicity in multi-threaded programs (in press). Information and Computation (IaC), 2016. [ bib | .pdf ]
[2] Jaideep Ramachandran, Corina S. Pasareanu, and Thomas Wahl. Symbolic execution for checking the accuracy of floating-point programs. ACM Software Engineering Notes (SEN), 40(1):1--5, 2015. [ bib | .pdf ]
[3] Alexander Kaiser, Daniel Kroening, and Thomas Wahl. A widening approach to multithreaded program verification. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS), 36(4):14:1--14:29, 2014. [ bib | .pdf ]
[4] Alastair Donaldson, Alexander Kaiser, Daniel Kroening, Michael Tautschnig, and Thomas Wahl. Counterexample-guided abstraction refinement for symmetric concurrent programs. Formal Methods in System Design (FMSD), 41(1):25--44, 2012. [ bib | .pdf ]
[5] Angelo Brillout, Daniel Kroening, Philipp Rümmer, and Thomas Wahl. An interpolating sequent calculus for quantifier-free Presburger arithmetic. Journal of Automated Reasoning (JAR), 47(4):341--367, 2011. [ bib | .pdf ]
[6] Gerard Basler, Michele Mazzucchi, Thomas Wahl, and Daniel Kroening. Context-aware counter abstraction. Formal Methods in System Design (FMSD), 36(3):223--245, 2010. [ bib | .pdf ]
[7] Thomas Wahl and Alastair Donaldson. Replication and abstraction: Symmetry in automated formal verification. Symmetry, 2(2):799--847, 2010. [ bib | .pdf ]
[8] Thomas Wahl and Vijay D'Silva. A lazy approach to symmetry reduction. Formal Aspects of Computing (FAC), 22(6):713--733, 2010. [ bib | .pdf ]
[9] Allen Emerson and Thomas Wahl. Efficient reduction techniques for systems with many components. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS), 130:379--399, 2005. [ bib | .pdf ]
[10] Oliver Karch and Thomas Wahl. Relocalization -- theory and practice. Discrete Applied Mathematics (DAM), 93(1):89--108, 1999. [ bib | .pdf ]

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