CS 7880: Topics in Theories of Computer Science

Algorithmic Power Tools

Fall 2009

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Sep 11
Overview of course
Intro: NP-completeness & approximation algorithms
Elementary probability theory
Approximation Algorithms

Vazirani, Ch 1

Sep 15, 18
Chernoff bounds
Probabilistic method and applications
Lovasz Local Lemma
Probabilistic Method
Chernoff Bounds & LLL
Dimitrios Kanoulas
Eric Miles
Alon-Spencer, Ch 1-5

Sep 22, 25
Proof of LLL and example applications
Application of LLL to packet routing
General LLL & Applications
Packet Routing
Eric Miles
Dimitrios Kanoulas
Sep 29, Oct 2
Constructive proof of LLL
The counting argument
Entropy compression argument

Harsh Chamarthi
Moser Moser-Tardos
Spencer Tao
Vazirani, Ch 12
Oct 6, 9
Randomized rounding: routing and set cover
Linear Programming: geometry and duality
Randomized Rounding & LP Geometry

Goemans notes on LP
Oct 13, 16
Deterministic rounding: Facility location
Dual-fitting analysis: Facility location
Problem Set 1
Facility Location: Filtering
Facility Location: Dual-Fitting
Oct 20, 23
Primal-dual framework: set cover
Primal-dual framework: Steiner Forest
Primal-Dual and Steiner Forest

Vazirani, Ch 15
Oct 27, 30
No class Tuesday
Steiner Forest, contd

Nov 3, 6
Steiner Forest, contd
Iterative rounding: Generalized Network Design
Steiner Network, part 1
Nov 10, 13
Generalized Network Design, contd
Steiner Network, part 2
Nov 17, 20
Approximating general metrics by tree metrics

Wu Jiang Fakcharoenphol-Rao-Talwar
Nov 24
Multiplicative-update: Online learning

Scott Roche
Dec 1, 4
Multiplicative-update: Multicommodity flow
No class on Friday
Scott Roche
Dec 8, 11
Hierarchical decompositions and oblivious routing
Abutalib Aghayev
Dec 15, 18
Student presentations

 For the scribe notes, here are the latex 2e macros files (and the latex source for the first lecture as a sample)



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