Fundamentals of Computer Science 2: Assignments

Assignments: The weekly assignments will be posted here - typically the text, and sometimes auxilliary files with code or diagrams.

Week 4: Cyclically Referential Data:

Assignment text as pdf

A challenge problem: Write the methods that will compare two objects from the cyclically referential class hierarchy for equality. (Hint; You have seen such problem last semester in HtDP.)

Week 5: Abstractions with Object and Interfaces:

Assignment text as pdf

Java file: students-interfaces.java

Week 6: Abstracting Traversals with Iterators:

Assignment text as pdf

Week 8: Sorting Collections of Data:

Assignment text as pdf

Java file: Week8.java

Alternative way of organizing homework

Read this file first: ReadMe.txt

Project with source files: Week8.jar

Foundational JPT jar file: jpt.jar

Week 9: Complexity of Algorithms:

The zip file should work in Eclipse. Make sure you update to the new version of jpt.jar. If you are working from a command line in any environment, make sure jpt.jar is in the classpath.

Assignment text as pdf

Java files zipped: HW9.zip

UPDATED JPT jar file: jpt.jar

Description of the files in the project: Week9.txt

Week 10: User Interactions:

Make sure the first part of this assignment works, before you start with the second part. Submit the two parts as separate zipped files.

The second part is now posted. It involvs making the game truly interactive through GUI and mouse manipulations.

Part 2 of this homework is for extra credit.

Assignment text - Part 1 as pdf

Assignment text - Part 2 as pdf

Java file: Zipped source code

Week 11: Maps Et Cetera:

Assignment text as pdf

Java file Week11.java

Java file Word.java

Input file test.txt

Instructions for how to set up Eclipse howToEclipse11

Week 12: Collections:

Due: Wednesday, April 14 paper copy to be handed in at the beginning of your lecture.

Assignment text as pdf

Java file Week12.java

Java file Inventory.java

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