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IS U570 Human Computer Interaction -- Fall 2004

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

Site updated 7 December 2004

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There are 300 million internet users world-wide. There are 30 million broadband users in the US alone. All of these users are interacting with web browsers, email, office applications and more. The field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) focuses on the design of such systems with special attention to the appearance and functionality that they present to the user. HCI is also concerned with how humans perceive, remember, reason, and act when using these systems. The problem of course is how to make the interactive experience as productive as possible while minimizing stress and possible confusion on the user's part.

This course will give you a broad overview of the many important topics that make up HCI. At the same time, it will give you in-depth understanding through studying cutting-edge research and development papers, and most importantly, to work on programming projects focused on HCI. Unlike essentially every other project you may have worked on, HCI projects involve evaluation. In the evaluation process, you test your system with actual users, to see what about it works for them and what doesn't. (These users will be your fellow students, randomly paired.)

News and Notes

6 Dec 2004: Final Exam, Friday, December 17th, 312 EL (Ell Hall). Review guide on this page.

4 Dec 2004: Here are notes on how to finish up your Project #2.

13 Nov 2004: Quiz #2, Friday, November 19th info posted. Follow the Exam Information link to the left. There will be NO question on Java/Swing on the quiz.

Also, first information about Project #2 is posted; first report, due by 11:59pm Wed. Nov. 17th.

20 Oct 2004: Project #1 due date moved from Oct 20th to Thursday, Oct 21st, 11:59pm. (In honor of the Red Sox' ACLS game 7 -- on to the World Series! BTW: The Sox won the World Series, in case you hadn't heard.)

14 Oct 2004: Midterm exam moved from Oct 26th to Friday, Oct 29th.

26 Sept 2004: Information about Quiz #1 is now available. Follow the Exam information link on the left.

12 Sept 2004: I have made a number of changes to the site, most importantly to the Syllabus/Schedule

In addition, some important information has been mailed to the list. At this moment, 1:30 on Sunday 9/12, less than half the class is signed up, so they're not getting list mail (though they can look at the archives). So keep signing up! Get your free 2 points.