IS U570 Human Computer Interaction -- Fall 2004 - Projects

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of 4 December 2004

October 24 -- Project #2 - First announcement, overview

See this Project #2 page for the topic, information visualization. As of December 4th, the page includes a final handin checklist.

October 10 -- Final Project Guideline page available

Here are the final Project #1 guidelines (Oct. 10th).

Here are the previous Project #1 guidelines.

Logistics: Getting partners; Choosing projects:

You will be choosing your first project on Friday, Sept. 17th. So before then you need to pair up with someone else in the class. Feel free to mail the list to search for someone with similar schedules or whatever. Of course you must join the list before you can mail to it. Join by going to this page.

You and your partner should choose your top five of the numbered projects on the projects #1 list page. I will take your prioritized list of five and draw the lists in a lottery, live in the Sept. 17th class.

The Project #1 list

Access it on this page.

Introduction to the course projects:

The projects in this course are not conventional programming projects. They are designed to help you learn the many aspects of HCI. So each project will illustrate one or more of these aspects and will include some or all of the following and additional ones in specific cases. Just what is required will be laid out for each project.

The projects will each be worked on by a team of two students. Choosing the pairings is not a trivial task and we can't expect to satisfy everyone. Teams of three are strongly discouraged. It has been my experience that a team of three rarely can produce a project that is 50% better than a team of two, which would be required.

The list of projects for Project #1 of the two projects can be found on this page The due dates for the various projects will be settled shortly.

Building a big fancy system, but skimping on the other required aspects of the project will result in a poor grade. The former will not compensate for the latter.

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