IS U570 Human Computer Interaction -- Fall 2004 - Project #2 Information Visualization

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of 4 December 2004

This is about Project #2 -- Information Visualization.

The final version or Project #2 is due by 11:59pm, Wednesday, Dec. 8th.

Most of you have been doing good and interesting work. Keep up the good work! Pay particular attention to the final guidelines below, in these last few days of preparing your project handin.

Below is a checklist of points for your final Project #2 handin.

General information about Information Visualization

Three of the most important uses of screen-based systems for human viewing and interaction are:

This last topic, information visualization, will be the main thrust of your second and final project of the semester. The simplest way to describe this topic is that it typically involves data which is either to voluminous or difficult to comprehend using simple presentations. This means that in your project, you'll need to find a collection or collections of information to present in your project. It is not too difficult to do this on the web. Everything from pictures of kittens (142,000 via google), to trade statistics (http:// are out there. Both these last topics are examples that can be organized well and presented visually in order to make them more understandable than in their simple and unadorned form.

Information Visualization, or "InfoVis" as we'll call it for shorthand, is covered in Sec. 14.5 of your textbook, through to the end of Chap. 14. In addition, there are many sources of papers on the topic. Searching the NU library for the keyword "information visualization" returns 17 hits - some books, some proceedings.

Here is a page I've created that has a number of links to sites about InfoVis. And here is another page, with additional links (added 10/28/04).

Your task will be two-fold:

  1. Track down one or more recent papers on an approach to InfoVis that you'd like to pursue for your project (details linked to below).
  2. Design and create a Java application to implement your project, along with a thorough discussion of your design, the background and design decisions that led up to it, and an evaluation of your system by some other person(s).

Your first first report, due by 11:59pm Wed. Nov. 17th should include at least one paper as well as a sketch of your initial design along with some description of the software design needed to bring your application to life. A hardcopy of the paper can be handed in to Prof. Futrelle in class on Friday the 19th, with a note attached to it describing how you tracked it down (and with your name, date, etc.).

Finding papers on Information Visualization

Suggestions on how to find papers are on this page.

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