Quizzes and Exams - IS U570 Human Computer Interaction -- Fall 2004

Professor Futrelle

Version of 24 December 2004

All exams given in the Fall 2004 course are now online

Final Exam -- Friday, December 17th

Final Exam information on this page.

Quiz #2 -- Friday, November 19th

Quiz #2 information on this page.

Midterm Exam

Midterm exam information on this page.

Quiz #1, Tuesday, Sept. 28th

This quiz will be 45 minutes in length, closed book, closed notes, and will cover the topics below. The source code question will be on the quiz. A modest portion of the other topics will be covered, limited by the duration of the quiz. But it is very much worth your while to study them, because material from the first three chapters may appear on the Midterm and Final. Finally, remember that reading alone cannot properly prepare you to write answers on a test. So be sure to practice writing out some answers before coming to the quiz.

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