Syllabus/Schedule - IS U570 Human Computer Interaction -- Fall 2004

Professor Futrelle

Version of 20 October 2004

Important changes and additions were made on Sept. 12th. So re-read or re-print as necessary. Now has due dates for Projects #1 and #2.

Access the official NU calendars and additional information here. Here's a handy month-by-month calendar for 2004 in a one-page format.

This schedule is subject to revision at any time. Not every detail of the assignments are on this page, but instead may be described in class, on special assignment or project pages or through email to the course mailing list (and therefore archived).

The major content of the weeks' descriptions below are the textbook chapters you are to read. There will be some quizzes on the chapters to make sure you're reading and learning the material. There will even be some pop quizzes. So to make sure your grades are solid, be sure to finishing reading the assigned sections BEFORE the Friday class of each week.

Week 1. September 10
Usability. Chapter 1.
Week 2. September 14, 17
Guidelines, Principles, and Theories. Chapter 2.
You must join the mailing list by 11:59pm on Thursday Sept. 16th in order to avoid losing 2 points from your total class score.
The project lottery will be held in class on Friday Sept. 17th. Be sure you have a partner and list your five choices in priority order on a piece of paper to be given to me for the lottery drawing.
Week 3. September 21, 24
Managing Design Processes. Chapter 3.
Week 4. September 28, October 1
Evaluating Interface Designs. Chapter 4.
Quiz #1 on Chaps 1-3 and Java/Swing, Tuesday Sept. 28th.
You must be able to write simple Swing programs, closed-book.
Project #1, first report, due by 11:59pm Wednesday Sept. 29th.
Week 5. October 5, 8
Software Tools. Chapter 5. Direct Manipulation and Virtual Environments. Chapter 6. Note: Two chapters this week. The topics of Chapter 5 will occupy us the entire semester via your software project.
Week 6. October 12, 15
Menu Selection, Form Fill-in, and Dialog Boxes. Chapter 7.
NU closed for Columbus Day, Monday Oct. 11th.
Week 7. October 19, 22
Command and Natural Languages. Chapter 8.
Project #1, final report, now due by 11:59pm Thursday Oct. 21st.
Week 8. October 26, 29
Interaction Devices. Chapter 9. Note second change of date for Midterm exam:
MIDTERM EXAM is now on Tuesday Nov. 2nd, covering Chapters 1 through 9, as well as Sec. 14.5 through to the end of Chapter 14 ("InfoVis"). No questions about Swing.
Week 9. November 2, 5
Collaboration. Chapter 10. Quality of Service. Chapter 11.
Week 10. November 9, 12
Balancing Function and Fashion. Chapter 12.
Week 11. November 16, 19
User Manuals, Online Help, and Tutorials. Chapter 13.
Project #2, first report, due by 11:59pm Wed. Nov. 17th.
Quiz #2 on Chap. 10 only. No questions on Java/Swing. Friday, Nov. 19th, closed-book.
Week 12. November 23. No class Friday the 26th - Thanksgiving recess
"Lite" class Tuesday. Review and/or novel topics.
Week 13. November 30, December 3
Information Search and Visualization. Chapter 14.
Week 14.
Last class December 7.
Project #2 final version due by 11:59pm, Wednesday, Dec. 8th.
Reading day the 9th.
Final exam is on Friday, Dec. 17th, 1pm-3pm. It is a cumulative exam covering Chaps. 1-14. No questions about Swing.

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