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CSU520 Artificial Intelligence -- Spring 2009

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

Site updated April 16th 2009

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Course description - from the catalog

Introduces the fundamental problems, theories, and algorithms of the artificial intelligence field. Includes heuristic search; knowledge representation using predicate calculus; automated deduction and its applications; planning; and machine learning. Additional topics include game playing; uncertain reasoning and expert systems; natural language processing; logic for common-sense reasoning; ontologies; and multiagent systems.

Your immediate responsibilities in this course

Important details about your responsibilities are here . The topics discussed there are:

  • Get a copy of the textbook immediately and begin the assigned readings.
  • Sign up for the course mailing list immediately (graded assignment)
  • Use the proper form for all course-related email you send me.
  • You are responsible for reading the course website pages, including updates that I alert you to in class or by email.

News and Notes

April 16th: The final version of the study guide for the Final exam has been posted. There is important information on the guide that you will need to study carefully in order to answer question 4 on the Final. Follow the Exam information link on the left.

March 9th: The study guide for the Midterm has been posted. Follow the Exam information link on the left.

March 9th: In class today, we watched an AAAI video. Many more can be found at
AAAI videos
The lecture we watched today, by Doug Lenat, was at
video of Doug Lenat's talk at the GooglePlex 2006

March 8th: Percentage of credit for assignments, tests, and the project are posted. See the link on the left.

February 22nd: The assignments and exams pages have been updated. The next assignment is due Wednesday, February 25th.

February 10th: Major changes to the course schedule and assignments schedule are underway. First set of changes completed 2/18/2009.
One major change: Midterm and Quiz 2 will be rescheduled.

February 7th: Study guide for Quiz 1 posted here.
The quiz is on Monday, February 9th.

Signup deadline for the mailing list:
End of Sunday, January 11th.
If you miss the deadline you lose two points from your final semester grade.
Sign up right away at

Please send me a picture of yourself. This is strictly for my private use to help me identify you in class.