CSU520/CSG120 Artificial Intelligence - Spring 2007 - Some AI links

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of January 2, 2009

This material was collected in the Fall of 2006 as a student project. By early 2009, some of the links are certainly broken. But it's useful nevertheless. The emphasis was on university sites, AI courses as well as research. But it will need some thinning, editing, and commenting - to be done as time permits. Feedback on the utility of the links below is appreciated.

     -- Professor Futrelle.

If a link below is to a college course, it is in the form: "name of class : name of college or university

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1. ScienceDirect: Learning to act using real-time dynamic programming
An abstract to an article that explains a new way of Dynamic Programming, called Real-Time Dynamic Programming

2. OpenAi - - lemme see!
An Open Source project that strives to make a AI toolkit of sorts, but looks to be dead as in the last note was four years ago

a listing of the five pages, that cover
- Basic Questions
- Branches of AI
- Applications of AI
- more Questions on the topic
- Bibliography
however, the latest item published in the bibliography is in 1998

4. Intelligent Systems Seminar: Georgia Tech
a collection of 50-100 downloadable pages covering 2004-2006

5. Artificial Intelligence Lab: Publications: University of Texas
downloadable readings that were published at UTexas Austin 75 papers in 2006 alone

6. Artificial Intelligence
A collection of 10 FAQs
- Artificial Intelligence (no longer updated and located in UCLA)
- Artificial Life
- Constraints
- Expert System Shells
- Fuzzy Logic
- Genetic Algorithms
- Microcontroller
- Neural Networks
- Natural Language Processing
- Robotics
This site was last updated in 1997 which can be seen in AI terms as a long time ago

7. Sensation and Perception, Spring 2004 : MIT
a course of Sensation and Perception at the neural level that includes lecture notes, animations at MIT and some downloadable PDFs

8. Computer and Information Science Papers CiteSeer Publications ResearchIndex
A search engine for Scientific Literature
This search engine is unique in showing how many times a particular paper is referenced, and thus shows older pages, not being able to find a paper published more recent than 1998

9. Language Acquisition, Fall 2001 : MIT
Suggested readings for a Language Acquisition course at MIT, none of them are downloadable though

10. JAIR
a free journal on the web about Artificial Intelligence Research, that has 10-20 research papers each year separated in two volumes, downloadable

11. Foundations of Human Memory and Learning, Spring 2002 :MIT
Papers for a class on Human Memory and Learning at MIT, links only go to abstracts of articles though

12. Language and Mind, January (IAP) 2003 : MIT
As stated on the site:
"The links below are online references for additional resources in the field of language and mind. These range from professional societies that maintain links to areas that any reader can explore in this field. Many of the linked sites provide resources for further study, as well as downloadable resources that can be used for classroom teaching."
The topics in the site are Cognition, Linguistics, Online References, and Computations. 21 links separated among the topics

13. Animal Behavior, Fall 2005 :MIT
The readings and course outline for an animal behavior class at MIT
There are references to course books, and one PDF for each lecture that are usually a page or two of notes that is hard to make sense of without the books.

14. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
a major site for Artificial Intelligence used world wide with over 900 links that accompany the leading AI textbook "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Russell and Norvig
WARNING: Many links on site are broken or misdirected

15. Project ACCESS: Papers and Presentation
downloadable papers and presentations on the subject of assisted cognition
a project that strives to create artificial intelligence for the sake of helping people with Alzheimer's disease

16. A brief history of AI
This is a jpeg that describes, very briefly, the history of Artificial Intelligence

17. UTCS AI Lab: Software
An interesting list of software names and descriptions
There are links to the homepage on some of the software titles, and others are just minor descriptions

18. AI Reading List: University of Texas
A list of readings and books and their descriptions for a class in AI at the university of Texas

19. Artificial Intelligence : University of Texas
A syllabus for the Artificial Intelligence Course at University of Texas
This includes a list of downloadable PowerPoint Presentations

20. What Is Genetic Programming
An interesting introduction into the idea of Genetic Programming
A way of "reproducing" machines in order to solve problems

21. Programs with Common Sense
A description of programs (both their construction and uses)
that can draw conclusions from sentences put in a formal defined language

22. Concepts of Logical AI
A downloadable paper that acts as more of a glossary of Concepts in the field of Logical AI
available in many forms: ps, pdf, html

23. A Knowledge Module: Buying and Selling
A statement of our assumptions when we buy and sell things informally in english
then shows how to use the language, C+, to formalize the assumptions

24. AI: University of Cambridge
A flash (or non-flash) presentation on AI, with notes for an Introductory course in the subject

25. AI:University of South Wales
A Lecture Notes Page of an Artificial Intelligence Course
Includes Prolog Programming, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision

26. AI:University of Liverpool
A Class site which includes Lecture Notes, Questions that test on individual lectures, and lab exercises in the form of downloadable pdfs
However, does not include answers to questions

27. AI:University Of Michigan
Class Notes for a class on AI
Warning: written in Spring 1998 - revised Spring 2001

28. AI:Middle East Technical Institute
an incomplete series of lecture notes for a class on Artificial Intelligence
by incomplete meaning some chapters are not linked, and some entries' links are broken

29. AI Programming :Johns Hopkins
A class on Lisp and how to do AI programming in the language

30. Paper: Choosing Words in Computer Generated Weather Forecasts
A paper about a group of people who built a system for translating weather data into forecasts readable by humans
They found that people actually preferred the computer-generated over human-generated weather reports
WARNING: only available when on NU campus

31. Paper: Explorations in engagement for humans and robots
a paper about how we interact
They researched robots and humans talking with and without gestures
They found that people liked talking to robots when there were gestures than when there was not, they also found the conversation more relevant when gestures were present
WARNING: only available when on NU campus

32. Introduction to Cognitive Science: University College of London
Downloable Documents and a PowerPoint Presentation on the topic of experience-based problem solving and other non-rule based accounts of resolving

33. Artificial Intelligence (W99): University of Calgary
The schedule to a class in Artificial Intelligence with links to the various lectures and slides
Hosted by the University of Calgary

34. What is Cognitive Science?
A mostly FAQ on the subject of Cognitive Science
Hosted by the Simon Fraser University in Canada

35. Tufts University Cognitive Science Program Lecture Schedule
The schedule of lectures done by the Cognitive Science Program that includes abstracts or notes on past lectures.
You have to select all lectures from the drop down menu on the top left, which is set to future planned lectures by default

36. Tufts University Center for Cognitive Studies - Publications
Downloadable pdfs of past publications from the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University
dates from 1987 to 2006, might be a little too advanced for me, but maybe for the graduate students

37. Memorial University Cognitive Science Lectures, Second Series, Fall 2006
A list of speakers for the fall semester of 2006, with abstracts of past speakers
if you change the f06 to f05, you get last years speakers and abstracts, but only works for 05, 04 and less does not work

38. Introduction to Cognitive Science: University of Arkansas
Notes on Lectures given in the course, including:
- HTML documents on Cognitive Psychology
- Downloadable PDFs on NeuroScience
- Downloadable PowerPoint Presentations on Artificial Intelligence
It seems that not all the documents are posted, I assume that they will be posted as the course continues

39. Introduction to Cognitive Science : University of Waterloo
This is the homepage of the class
Included aspects of interest
- Description of the class
- Full lecture notes for all weeks
- Cognitive Science Glossary
- Cognitive Science Resources
- Review Questions for the Final of the class

40. Artificial Intelligence : Stetson University
A listing of "Interesting Links"
Unfortunately, this page seems to be for a class that took place in 1999

41. Probabilistic Models of Artificial Intelligence: Stanford University
This site contains the materials of the class including:
- Handouts and Homeworks that are mixed in HTML and downloadable PDF formats
- Some of the Sides used in class, in a downloadable Power Point Presentation format

42. Advanced methods in artificial intelligence, with biomedical applications: University of Wisconsin
The main homepage for the class from the spring of 2005, not sure if it will be useful for the class, but seems interesting
Included sections that are usable for the purpose of this list:
- Downloadable PDF version of one of the two required books
- Course Overview
- Course outline with links to HTML and downloadable Postscript Documents and PowerPoint Presentations
- Written and Programming Assignments
- Some Free Software that is Related to the Course (Some are broken or moved with new address linked in old page)

43. Artificial Intelligence Programming:Johns Hopkins
Homepage for course
This site seems to be an ideal teaching ground for the LISP language, it includes:
- Downloadable PostScript Versions of handouts and code examples of LISP
- Links to other resources on the topic of LISP
- Downloadable PostScript versions of the homeworks
- Links to AI related sites

44. Online lessons in Artificial Intelligence
A set of lessons ranging from Natural Language Processing and Game Playing to Neural Networks and Expert Systems
Each Lesson has review questions

45. Universal Artificial Intelligence
Review of the book
NOTE: The author has many slides that he says are available for anyone interested in teaching a course on this book
NOTE: There are prizes that range from 50 - 500 Euro for anyone that can solve the problems located in the "prizes" section

46. Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Law Students
A paper from the Law Technology Journal that talks about one teacher's results from teaching Lawyers how to program Artificially Intelligent machines, and his result

47. Artificial Intelligence: University of Houston
The homepage for the course, included with downloadable "transparencies" in the form of powerpoint presentations, and Assignments in the form of Word documents

48. Games Computers Play
A web-based presentation on composing Artificial Intelligence for Games
Talks about all major games

49. GNU/Linux AI and ALife HOWTO
An informative guide to various software and libraries that work on Linux, that are free for personal usage

50. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence : University of Utah
This is the homepage of the course
There is not very much interesting on this page at first look, but then you see that the old exams are posted in downloadable pdf format, and so are past projects and demos for the class

51. Stanford Computer Science Department
This is a site with all the specialties one can go into as a computer science major at Stanford University
I add this because of the first subject is artificial intelligence, which has three classes listed, on these classes' homepages they have links to all the assignments that they give out and some of the slides that are shown either in html or downloadable pdf formats

52. Algorithmic Techniques in Artificial Intelligence:UC Berkeley
I think that this might be a little advanced for our usage, but it is the homepage for a class that would teach how to design artificially intelligent systems with handouts for each class lecture in downloadable pdf format

53. Artificial Intelligence : University of Utah
The relevant links for this site are at the bottom of the listing of links seen at the near top of the page, all the ones that start off with "Link to " are very good for what they are, including the lectures one which has all the lectures for the course in downloadable pdf format

54. Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Law
This is the syllabus for a a class on Artificial Intelligence and its usage in the legal system, (ex. how other lawyers may think)

55. AI Education Repository
This is a gathering of information on textbooks, syllabi, etc.
WARNING: This site is no longer maintained and looked to be last modified April 13, 2004, but i thought what information that was there would still be good

56. Brainy 'Bots
An article published by NASA that talks about a woman who dubbed the bionic woman
Not very technical, but contains a summary of some concepts and has a few links that might be of use at the end

57. EECE 216 - Artificial Intelligence : Marquette University
The entire class syllabus for a class whose goal is to give students a "broad exposure in the field of Artificial Intelligence"

58. Artificial Intelligence : Harvard
the main page to a class in Artificial Intelligence for the Harvard Extension school
Site includes Assignments in downloadable PDF format and useful links to the course

59. Artificial Intelligence: University of Texas
The main course page for a class in Artificial Intelligence
Includes links to a reading list and class lectures in powerpoint format

60. Artificial Intelligence : Yamagata University in Japan
This site contains lectures in the form of downloadable powerpoint slides that are mostly in english

61. Artificial Intelligence Syllabus: California Polytechnic State University
The lectures for a class in Artificial Intelligence in downloadable PowerPoint Presentation format

62. A comparison of AI textbooks
A listing and rating, as well as cataloging of different Artificial Intelligence books that sometimes link to:
- The homepage of the book
- The Amazon entry for the book
- nothing, it is just the name of the book

63. Principles of Artificial Intelligence: Iowa State University

Includes many links on the topic of Artificial Intelligence