Natural Language Processing Resources for teaching

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of 12 February 2006 - updated and links checked 12/06

Natural language processing (NLP) in our two course textbooks. In addition, each book provides code for various NLP tasks. (Only one of them, AIMA, is being used, Spring 2007.)

Three of the books on reserve for my Spring 2007 AI courses are devoted entirely to NLP:

The most significant texts on NLP today are, in my opinion, the following. They are at a somewhat more advanced level than the ones above. These are also on reserve.

If you look at the books above on Amazon at the list under "Customers who bought this book also bought", you'll find that virtually all of them are listed on the page you're reading now.

Useful web pages:

Useful material from Professor Hafner's concurrent NLP course, CSG224:

CSG224 Resources: CSG224 Assignments - might give you ideas for a project:

General material of some possible use:

Getting things done: A large resource of links to practical tools can be found at the Natural Language Software Registry. There are so many links there, that even if half are broken, you'll be able find a lot. Java versions of NLP tools are growing fast. The following Google search: java
returns 47 pages (12/2006).

Last, and certainly not least, you can click here to Google on:
site:edu "natural language processing" course
This gives you more than 200,000 hits, enough to keep you busy for a while. Of course, the top ranked hits are to excellent courses, though you should check for more recent offerings in some cases.

For Perl lovers, it's worth pointing out the the regular expression facilities in Java are fully Perl 5 equivalent, though the syntaxes differ a bit.

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