CSU520 Artificial Intelligence - Spring 2009 - Quiz 1 notes

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of January 7th 2009

Study guide for Quiz 1, Monday, February 9th, covering chapters 1 through 4

Since this will be a quiz, not an exam, you will only have two questions to answer, chosen from the four possibilities below.

Chapter 1

Focus on the section, "Mathematics", especially NP-completeness, page 9. Be able to relate this section to the discussions in chapter 4, page 72, that describe search in terms of b, the branching factor, d the depth of the shallowest goal node, and m, the maximum length of any path in the state space. You should understand how the complexity of depth-first and breadth-first search are estimated using the three parameters.

Chapter 2

Focus on understanding the model-based, goal-based agent shown in Figure 2.13. You will be asked to discuss it with respect to a PEAS description I give you, one closely resembling one of the examples in Figure 2.5.

Chapter 3

Be able to show some steps in a depth-first search to find a goal state in Figure 3.3.

Chapter 4

You will be asked to complete some of the final steps in the A* search shown in Figure 4.3. I will give you the map with distances as well as the values in Figure 4.1

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