CSU520 Artificial Intelligence - Spring 2009 - Assignments

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of February 22nd 2009

As of February 22nd- the Assignments and due dates have been updated

Overview of the assignments in this course

There will be small and relatively easy exercises to do for every chapter we are studying. The reason for having this large set of assignments if to give you a bit of hands-on experience, going beyond simply reading the material. (Remember the proverb on the course Introduction page: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." The are listed below, along with their due dates. Details of your semester project are available on the Project page. You will be developing your project in a series of stages, as explained there.

Required time of handins

All assignments are due on a class day, Mondays or Wednesdays. Hardcopies are preferred so I can easily add notes to them up as part of grading. The hardcopies should be handed in at the beginning of class. If you are printing them out to hand in and you have problems printing, do not delay coming to class. Fix your printing problem after class and get your assignment to my office or lab, 450 or 460 WVH (you can slip it under the door if no one is there). You may also send electronic copies, as explained below (but then I'll have to print them out myself in order to grade them).

The mechanics of your assignments

Here are my preferences: Hand in your assignments in class as hardcopy, so I can mark it up and hand it back. On your hardcopy, you must include: 5 your name, the course name, date, and name of the assignment. In addition, hand in your assignments electronically so I can keep a copy on my computer. All email to me regarding any aspect of the course must have a Subject line beginning with csu520sp09 or I will ask you to resend it properly.

Some assignments may be handed in by simply pasting your text into email. If you attach files to your email, you may only include them as a single file. Therefore, if your work consists of more than a single file (especially true for your projects) they should be converted to a single zip, tar, or jar file. In addition, the body of your email should briefly describe, in a sentence or two, what is being attached in such a case.

If you have problems getting your hardcopies to me in class on time, deliver them to me in my office, 450 WVH, my lab, 460 WVH, or the College office, room 202 WVH. You can even fax material to me at 617-373-5121 by that time as well as sending me an email telling me you've faxed some material.

You must not give your file a generic name such as "Ch16". Instead, a combination of your name, class, and assignment name should be used, e.g., "YangCSU520Sp09Ch16Assign.doc".

Chapter 1: 1.3 (see http://loebner.net/Prizef/loebner-prize.html ), 1.13
due: 1/21

Chapter 2: 2.4c, 2.12

Chapter 3: 3.6, 3.7, 3.9a, 3.9c

Chapter 4: 4.1, 4.11a

Chapter 5: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4

Chapter 7: 7.2 (use a truth table)

Chapter 8: 8.6a-f

Chapter 9: 9.4, 9.9
3/11 (Note: Same day as the Midterm exam)

Chapter 13: 13.3 (check all four combinations of the atomic elements A, ¬A, B, ¬B), 13.6

Chapter 14: 14.1

Chapter 16: 16.2

Chapter 18: 18.1, 18.3, 18.4

Chapter 22: 22.4, 22.8a,b

Chapter 24: 24.8, 24.9

Chapter 25: 25.6

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