Recent Accomplishments:

While the project officially started in May 2000, the design of a software based stream cipher (SSC2) has been studied and was presented at the Fast Software Encryption Conference held in New York, April 2000.

We have implemented the following ciphers in the Palm OS as libraries:

  1. SSC2
  2. ARC4
  3. SEAL 3.0
  4. DES, DESX, and Triple DES
  5. Rijndael

We have implemented the following hash functions in the Palm OS as libraries:

  1. MD2, MD4, MD5
  2. SHA-1

We have implemented the operations over the elliptic curvers in in the Palm OS as libraries:

  1. ECC

Also we have implemented a multiprecision library for the Palm OS:

  1. MPLib

We have designed several authentication protocols for asymetric scenarios: A high power base station and a low power mobile node. We are starting to implement the protocols, so we can compare their efficiency and scalability in real life scenarios.

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