Recent Accomplishments:

While the project officially started in May 2000, the design of a software based stream cipher (SSC2) has been studied and was presented at the Fast Software Encryption Conference held in New York, April 2000.

Current Plan:

  1. Implement some stream ciphers and block ciphers, such as SSC2, RC4, SEAL, DES (and its variants such as Triples DES and DESX) and Rijndael on Palm devices and compare their performances with respect to speed, memory and power consumption.
  2. Implement hash functions, such as MD2, MD4, MD5 and SHA-1 on Palm devices and compare their performance with respect to speed, memory and power consuption.
  3. Study and implement different signature schemes. Identify the difference in speed between the verification and the signing processes. Identity the cryptographic properties of these schemes and utilize the differences to design and implement asymmetric mutual authentication protocols for wireless networks.
  4. Set up a wireless network laboratory to test the different protocols. The laboratory will help the project in studying and in identifying external agents that may affect the performances of the protocols in wireless communications.

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