ISU570 -- Human-Computer Interaction
Spring 2009

College of Computer & Information Science
Northeastern University
Professor Robert P. Futrelle

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T he official course description: Studies the principles of human-computer interaction and the practice of user interface design. Discusses the major human information processing sub-systems (perception, memory, attention, and problem-solving), and how the properties of these systems influence the design of interactive systems. Reviews guidelines and specification languages for designing user interfaces, with an emphasis on toolkits of standard graphical-user-interface objects. Introduces usability metrics and evaluation methods. Additional topics may include: World Wide Web design principles and tools; wireless/mobile device interfaces; computer-supported cooperative-work; information visualization; virtual reality. Coursework includes designing user interfaces, creating working prototypes using a GUI toolkit, and evaluating existing interfaces using the methods studied. Prerequisites: CSU370 (Object-oriented Design).

Things to keep in mind:

  • Get a copy of the textbook as soon as it arrives in the bookstore, and begin the assigned readings.
  • Sign up for the course mailing list immediately.
  • Use the proper subject line for all course-related email you send me.
  • You are responsible for reading the course website pages, including updates that I alert you to.
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News and Notes - Added as the course proceeds

The Final Exam, April 22nd:
A page, "What you need to know" (for the final) can be found here.

Two announcements, March 15:
(1) The grade percentage distribution has been posted. See the link on the upper left.
(2) The due date for Assignment 4 is changed from March 19th to March 24th. It was previously scheduled only six days after Assignment 3 was due - not a good schedule.

MIDTERM EXAM February 24: Notes on what you need to study for the Midterm on Tuesday the 24th can be found here.

February 17: A "Design" link has been added to the course (on the left). It represents a new aspect of the course that will allow you to design and build an application. It looks as if this will be more interesting than just analyzing and critiquing various systems.

Class on Friday, Feb 13th is cancelled.

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