ISU570 - Student Project Presentations - April 10th and 14th, 2009

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer & Information Science, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of April 1, 2009

The Project Presentations

Sugggested outline for your talk:

You must use technical terminology in your slides and talk - all the students will be familiar with it.

Students present on Friday, April 10th in the following order:

Delprete, Robert R
Dunin, Dmitriy
Banks, Kyle W
Bukhari, Laila
Gable, Robert
 Dibiasio, Jonathan C
Gagnon, Michael D
 Ursino, Mark
Whittier, Nathaniel

Students present on Tuesday, April 14th in the following order:

Garcia, Andres
Gowani, Mitesh
Aladesulu, Adetola
Balyozian, John
Ku, Jonathan
Pelc, Jonathan J
Sawyer, Brian
Sipovik, Iva

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