Design - ISU570 Human Computer NetBeans GUI Builder IDE

Professor Futrelle, CCIS, Northeastern University - Spring 2009

Version of February 17, 2009


This page represents a new aspect of the course, focused on design. I think the class and I feel that this will be a useful addition to the course, which has been focused on analysis and critiques up until now.

There are three different approaches to the Design of GUIs that I have created pages for:

Java Swing application programming. This was already available on the course site in the form of what was originally to be Assignment #4. Here is the link to that page.

• The NetBeans Swing GUI Builder. This capability, built into the NetBeans IDE, allows you to do drag and drop construction of GUIs. I have chosen NetBeans because it is a good IDE and because it can be downloaded and run on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

• The Google Web Toolkit (GWT). This is a relatively new system. You write code similar to Java Swing. GWT translates this to Javascript such that when it is rendered in a browser, it behaves like a Java Swing system. The ability of these Ajax style system to update portions of web pages locally or with small changes delivered from a server leads to rapidly responsive apps described as Rich Internet Applications.

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