Schedule for ISU570 -- Human-Computer Interaction - Spring 2009

Professor Futrelle, CCIS, Northeastern University

As of March 15, 2009

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Week 1 - Tues, Fri, January 6, 9

Introduction to course. What I will do. What you will need to do.
Your semester project.
Resources for you -
Reading: All course website pages. Follow the instructions you find there, especially in regard to signing up for the course mailing list.
In the book, be sure to read all the boxed material, activities, interviews, figure and table captions - everything.
Reading handout: Chaper 1 from book by Don Norman
(quiz on 1/23).

Week 2 - Tues, Fri, January 13, 16

Reading: Textbook Chapter 1, including all sidebars.

Week 3 - Tues, Fri, January 20, 23

Brief quiz on the Norman chapter, Friday the 23rd.
Assignment 1 due at beginning of class, Friday the 23rd.
Reading: Chapter 2

Week 4 - Tues, Fri, January 27, 30

Project, version P1 - Get started -
Final due date will be February 11th.
The earlier you hand this in, the earlier you'll get useful feedback.
Reading: Chap 3

Week 5 - Tues, Fri, February 3, 6


Friday -
Student-directed discussion of systems and design for collaboration and communication, leading up to Chapter 4.

Week 6 - Tues, Fri, February 10, 13

Project, version P1
due -
Due no later than Wednesday evening, February 11th, 11;59pm.
Assignment 2 due at beginning of class, Tuesday the 17th.
Reading: Chapter 4

Week 7 - Tues, Fri, February 17, 20

Assignment 3: Begin work on your online survey and, as soon as you can, mail me the URL,
with a few comments on what it is about and who you will be trying to reach with the survey, your "population".
Your results will be due Tues, March 10th.
Assignment 2 due at beginning of class, Tuesday the 17th.
Reading: Chapter 7

Week 8 - Tues, Fri, February 24, 27

ON CHAPTERS 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7

Project, version P2 -
Due on or before the beginning of class, Friday, February 27th.

Week 9 - Spring Break - no classes March 3, 6

Week 10 - Tues, Fri, March 10, 13
Go over Midterm results
Assignment 3:
Due Friday, March 13th at the beginning of class.
Reading: Chapter 8

Week 10 - Tues, Fri, March 17, 20

Reading: Chapter 10

Week 11 - Tues, Fri, March 24, 27
Note change in due date, from the 19 thto 24th.
Assignment 4
due emailed by 11:59pm,
Tuesday, March 24th.
Reading: Chapters 12 and 14

Week 12 - Tues, Fri, March 31, April 3

Project, version P3 - Due at beginning of class,
Tuesday, the 31st.

Class: Special Topics

Week 13- Tues, Fri, April 7, 10

Tuesday April 7th: Final advice on projects and presentatons
Review for the Final Exam, covering all assigned chapters

Friday April 10th: Student presentations of their Projects
First half of the students

Week 14 - Tues, April 14 (last class)

Final Project P4 - Due Tuesday the14th, in class
or by 4 pm, my office 450-460 WVH

Tuesday April 14th - Student presentations of their Projects
Second half of the students

Final exam April 22, 8am

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