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IS1320 -- Information Retrieval -- Spring 2003

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

Updated 31 May 2003

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In this brand-new course, students will learn about the nature of information, its structure and use. "Information" today is dominated, in most people's minds, by electronic information, but the course will emphasize that print sources, libraries and information specialists are also important. In this course students will generate, structure, retrieve and evaluate electronic and print information. Use the informational and resource links at the left to get to important information about the course. This site will be updated from time to time and you will be notified by the course mailing list and the revision date above.

News and Notes

News 5/31/03: Review notes for the Final Exam are now accessible through the Exam page, link to the left, or directly here.

News 5/13/03: All student public project reports pages now posted and accessible through the Student Reports link on the left or directly here.

News 5/4/03: Midterm review notes posted. Follow the exam link to the left or go directly to the review page.

News 4/29/03: Midterm postponed. The new date for the midterm is Thursday, May 8th.

News 4/8/03: Information about Quiz #1, to be given on Thursday 4/10/03 posted. Click the Exams link to the left, or this identical one.

Important. Class meets in Snell Library, Wed. April 2nd The library will give us a special hands-on introduction to their many electronic information resources. This will occur at the normal class meeting time, 9:15-10:20. It will be held in 120 SL (Snell Library). Attendance will be taken. Note that this means that the Project Lottery won't occur until Thursday the 3rd.