Course Projects - IS1320 Information Retrieval - Spring 2003

Professor Futrelle

Version of 31 March 2003

The project you do will be quite important. It will count for 40% of your grade. There will be about seven different projects, each worked on by a team of three students. There will be rotating presentations, one per class meeting, starting on Monday, April 7th. The projects will be assigned, with input of your preferences, early on in the course

A detailed explanation of how to set up your web pages and program directories can be found here.

In addition, every group will have the responsibility for producing an up-to-date set of links to material pertaining to one or two chapters (to be assigned). (The authors' web page for our textbook is seriously out-of-date.) This work will be included in your project credit. These must include material not freely available on the web, e.g., books (Amazon links OK) and papers only in journals (may be available through the NU Library as NU-paid subscriptions). You must also physically visit Snell library and mention the date(s) of your visits and what non-electronic resources you found there that were useful. This might include discussions with the reference librarians and subsequent followups. The results must be created as web pages which I would then cache and link to on the course site. I will post a template (HTML) if some of you want to use it.

The list of projects is here.

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