Assignments - IS1320 Information Retrieval - Spring 2003

Professor Futrelle

What you need to do and when you need to do it

Version of 15 March 2003

General requirements and procedures for this course.

Your responsibilities are laid out here and in the schedule page. Be sure to always check both. The items below focus on things you are to hand in or present; the assignments page focuses more on reading.

Due Thursday March 27
Read the Info page to find out how to get on the course mailing list and do it. Get your textbook before Monday. Study the list of project topics and be ready to discuss possibilities today and make a tentative choice of project and team by Monday.
Due Monday March 31st
Read all of Chapter 1. Look at some of the Reference entries (pg 455+) for items on pgs 17-18. Read Chap. 2 to end of Sec. 2.5.3. Look at all Ref. entries for these topics.
Due Thursday April 3
Log in to a web site of your choice (see Note #2) and also compile and run the simple Java web page info grabber, first altering the URL in it to point to the web site you logged into (see Note #3).

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