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CSG120 Artificial Intelligence -- Spring 2008

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

Site updated 6 APRIL 2008

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Course description - from the catalog

This course introduces the fundamental problems, theories and algorithms of the artificial intelligence field. Topics covered include: heuristic search and game trees; knowledge representation using predicate calculus; automated deduction and its applications; problem solving and planning; introduction to machine learning. Required coursework includes the creation of working programs that solve problems, reason logically, and/or improve their own performance using techniques presented in the course.
Prerequisite: Java (Lisp optional)

Your immediate responsibilities in this course

Important details about your responsibilities are here . The topics discussed there are:

  • Get a copy of the textbook immediately and begin the assigned readings.
  • Sign up for the course mailing list immediately.
  • Use the proper form for all course-related email you send me.
  • You are responsible for reading the course website pages, including updates that I alert you to.

News and Notes

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April 6th:
Two important additions have been made to the site:
1. The grade percentages are now spelled out on the Information page.
2. Project details and requirements are now spelled out on the Projects page.

16 March 2008: Entire site updated with the final lecture schedule, as well as deadlines for all assignments, projects, and exams.

24 February 2008: The details needed to prepare for the Midterm Exam are here.

6 January 2008: The initial course pages have been posted on the web. Some are essentially finished, some are in draft form, and some are not yet posted.