Dates and Deadlines - Final Schedule

CSG120 Artificial Intelligence - Spring 2008 - Professor Futrelle

Version of 12 April 2008

This page lists all important dates and deadlines for the course. All dates are in 2008. Other pages such as the Syllabus, Assignments, Exams, and Project, have additional details.

All assignments, project handins, and the Final Exam should be emailed to me by 9pm on the date stated. If there are diagrams or notation in your assignment, project, or exam that you cannot conveniently email, get them to me in rm 450 or 460 or the College office, room 202 West Village H, by 4pm on the due date. Or fax to me at 617-373-5121 by that time as well as sending me an email telling me you've faxed some material.

Remember to start your subject line, and the subject line for all your course email to me with "csg120sp08 ". All file names should include full identifying information, e.g, "AStudentCSG120-033108-Assign4". The files themselves and any hardcopy handins should have full information with the date, assignment name, your name, and class name (CSG120 AI Spring 2008).

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