Bardia Aghabeigi
Northeastern University
College of Computer Science

Work Experiences



1.(FDG 2013) - Visual motion in a railed shooter game: A designer study (accepted)
2.(Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE) - Game Analytics for Game User Research, Part 1: A Workshop Review and Case Study
3.(IGIC, 2012 IEEE International) - Assistive design and production in computer games: Parametric systems, data mining, visual analytics
4.(ICEC 2012) - Visual Designs: Effects on Workload and Performance in a Railed-Shooter Game
5.(Game Analytics 2013,Springer) - Visual Analytics tools – a lens into player’s Temporal Progression and Behavior
6.(Game Analytics 2013,Springer) - Game Metrics based on Error Measures: A deeper look into your players’ behaviors
7.(HCII 2011)- Body Buddies: Social Signaling through Pupeteering
8.WCC 2010 The effect of age, gender, and previous gaming experience on game play performance
9.GHC 2010 The Effect of Age, Gender, and Previous Gaming Experience on Customization activities within games
10.(CHI 2010) - Understanding and Evaluating Cooperative Games
11.AAMAS 2010 Gestural Turing Test: A Motion Capture Experiment for Exploring Nonverbal Communication
12.Futureplay 2010 User Studies - A Strategy towards a Successful Industry-Academic Relationship
13.Robocup 2007 (Atlanta) Evolutionary Design of a Fuzzy Rule Base for Solving the Goal- Shooting Problem in the Robocup 3D Soccer Simulation League”




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